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What Is A Good Alternative To Ringcentral

If you want to make sure your business is being run as professionally as possible, it is usually best to have the use of a dedicated cloud-based communication team. You have no doubt heard of Ringcentral as an option for that. But are they always the best choice, or are there any alternatives that you should go for instead? As we hope to show you in this article, Red Mountain provides a fantastic alternative to the Ringcentral experience, and there are many great benefits and advantages of using this personal and local service to improve your own business.

Cloud Based Phone Systems For Your Business

One of the major selling points of Red Mountain has to be the cloud based phone systems, which are a uniquely useful way to keep your business in communication, and keep you connected to the other parts of the business and the world in general.

With the most popular option, the Zion Canyon Package, you can expect unlimited minutes on your phone systems, at both local and long-distance call rates. You will also get access to our amazing digital receptionist service, so your customers never have to feel ignored. And you will be able to use the plug and play option if you have any remote workers who are working from home.

All that, plus you can get business texting on your main phone number, which can be a great way to keep in touch with customers. We’ll also provide you with call queuing, music on hold, conferencing software capability, call analytics so you can check you are providing the service you want to provide, and more. And if you are a call center you can upgrade to the Bryce Canyon Package, you get all that plus an analytics dashboard, custom reporting, call queueing and much more.

RedConnect Mobility Suite For Ease Of Use

It’s not just our top of the range business phone systems that impress our clients, however. Another service we provide is the RedConnect mobility suite, which comes within and alongside the cloud phone system, and is otherwise known as ReachUC. So what exactly is it, and how can it help your business?

ReachUC is a suite available on both desktop and mobile devices, and it comes with full mobile compatibility, an easy to use interface, RedConnect integration with our other services, in-call options such as call recording, holding, blind transfer, announce transfer, and conference call options. It really is everything you need to provide a great phone service to customers, and to keep engaged with every corner of your organization.

Add on the Enhanced Plus package and you’ll get full call recording or On Demand recording, voicemail transcription, 2-way SMS from desktop or mobile, click to dial Chrome extension, web softphone and more.

RedConnect Productivity Suite For Collaborating

That mobility suite also connects flawlessly with our other major service, the RedConnect productivity suite. This is where it all comes together and where you can ensure that your business’ systems are really working for you to provide the best service possible.

With the Conference Bridge suite option, you can connect your team flawlessly and easily, with up to 50 participants being able to join the call at any one time. You get 500 minutes a month included in that price too, so that should be plenty for most teams. You’ll also have full call controls throughout.

If you want to upgrade, the Meeting Manager gives you unlimited participants in calls, well collaboration options, screen share capability, remote screen control, 500 minutes as before, and the ability to pre-schedule meetings, so you can round up your whole team together.

As you can see, it’s an incredible suite with a lot to offer.

CRM & Business Application Integration For Your Industry

Probably most exciting of all, if you use Red Mountain’s ReachUC service, you can have amazing application integration, meaning the ability to integrate your telephone system with your CRM or other business software systems. This can give you some incredible productivity boosts to your organization across the board, such as being able to always know who is calling and quickly grab their details and call through.

With our service, you get caller preview, contact screen popping - where you can open the caller’s details immediately and easily - and contact searching, giving you accurate and fast results. You’ll also get activity logging and a click to dial service to make everything even easier.

As you can see, there is so much that Red Mountain can do for you. With our top of the range, and yet extremely affordable suites and other packages, you can ensure that your communication is as flawless and easy as possible. Get in touch today to find out more.

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