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Lockdown / Threat Notification Systems

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Designated Keycards and fobs will be given to those whom you choose, each card and/or fob holds that individuals information. If a reader is scanned, the individual's information is logged as well as the location of the trigger.

Once triggered, strobe lights along with a prerecorded automated message will play throughout the facility notifying all within grounds. With the trigger, our system will also contact your local authorities and anyone who'd like to be notified of the trigger. 

Structured Cabling


  • Cable Certification Service

  • Category 5e, 6, 6A Certified

  • Fiber Optic Installation and Termination

  • Data Rack and Cabinet Installation

  • Design and Specification Services

  • BICSI Member

Card Access and Electronic Locks


  • Prox Card and Key Fob Systems

  • Access Reporting Software

  • Easy to Use Scheduling Software

  • Customer Level Administration. No need for monthly contracts

  • Camera Integration

  • Local and Cloud based systems

  • Gate Controller Integration

  • Database Conversion

High Definition Security Cameras
  • Super Wide Angle, 360 and 180 Degree Options

  • Simple to Use Recorders

  • Network-Based, as well as Legacy Coax cabling, supported

  • Mobile Viewing from your Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet

  • Easy to Export Video Clips

  • Hardwired and Wireless Options

  • Monitor your business from any Internet connection

  • Cameras that have been tested and will last in our environment. Not like the big box store packages

Hosted Business Phone Systems
  • Internet Based Phone Systems. 

  • No expensive hardware to purchase

  • Replaces expensive phone service

  • Mobility options allow you to get calls anywhere

  • Easy to manage the interface

  • Installation and service backed by Veracity and Red Mountain

  • Multiple levels of features available.

  • Connect your offices anywhere you have an Internet connection

Notifying your facilities for lockdown 

The number of threats towards companies and schools is rising every day. We've developed a notification system to alert facilities of a direct threat within your grounds.


Our system is multiple solutions working together to make it known that there is a direct threat on the facility grounds and you need to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.

If you do not know how to use your technology you won't use it.  Let Red Mountain Technology Solutions help you use technology as a tool and not just an expense.

Making technology work for you. Not against you.