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Red Mountain Technology Solutions very own Hosted Phone Portal "Red Connect". Launched in early 2019, We were not only excited to bring our new service to our constantly growing city but offer it to our constantly growing world. Take a step with Red Connect through our portal and experience  HD voice calling and all the features we have to offer.

Cloud Comunications

Interact with your work colleagues and customers from anywhere on all devices, and be able to view content and people on a communications platform. 




Be able to have HD high-quality video and voice as well as communication through SMS texting from anywhere

Utilize your time

Stay on the move, don't feel stuck at the office all day. Be productive whilst being able to work from your Android and IOS platforms

Augment collaborations using the highest quality voice, messaging and screen sharing



A software-defined solution to managing a wide-area network, or WAN.

Secure Correspondance across your whole network protecting your businesses income​, while offering a flexible dependable cost-reducing solution. 

Call Management

Call Forwarding

Auto Attendant Answering

Attended Transfer

Call Park

Call Queue

Caller ID Blocker

Call Hold

Caller ID

Call Recording

Do Not Disturb

Call History

Call Recording



Enterprise Contacts


Visual Voicemail

Voicemail Transcript

Zero Configuration

UC Client

Hosted PBX

a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX phone system can communicate internally and externally , using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog.

Call Conferencing

Conference Bridges 

3-Way Conference Call

With Mobile Applications, your mobile phone becomes your mobile office while keeping most of the same features

Mobile Applications




The phone system resides in the cloud that uses your internet connection with no necessary on-premise hardware or software to install or maintain, except for your IP phones.

  • Up to 40% more costly than cloud-based, requiring cabling, hardware, closet space, electricity, and cooling

  • Pay in advance for planned growth 

  • Multiple locations require multiple phone systems 

  • Pay for all upgrades and maintenance

Your phone system is in house and you are responsible to install and maintain.

  • No hardware costs except the phones themselves 

  • Pay only for what you need & use. Scale up or down on demand. 

  • Multiple locations are supported by one phone system in the cloud  

  • Most features and upgrades are included in the cost

  • Requires an IT specialist to manage and make changes

  • Other than phones, no maintenance required on your side 



  • Implementing mobile compatibility is extremely complex and expensive, making it more difficult to accommodate a mobile workforce

  • Anyone can connect from multiple devices with an Internet connection, making it easy to extend to a remote workforce


  • Redundancy is possible but costly  

  • Recovery is typically slower, negatively impacting the customer experience 

  • Geo-redundancy, while possible, requires double space, hardware, software, and capital

  • Built-in failover in the event of Internet or power loss  

  • Calls automatically rerouted to other data centers so the customer experience is not affected  

  • Geo-redundancy is built in, with no need for a capital outlay for space, hardware, or software

Disaster Recovery

With a cloud-based solution, your business can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Lower cost

  • Faster setup

  • Improved scalability

  • No maintenance

  • Faster time to market with new technology

  • Only pay for the hardware and services you use

  • Simple and cost-effective mobility solutions

  • More reliable disaster recovery

  • Automatic updates 

  • Eliminate the cost of future-proofing

Making technology work for you. Not against you.

If you do not know how to use your technology you won't use it.  Let Red Mountain Technology Solutions help you use technology as a tool and not just an expense.

Structured Cabling


  • Cable Certification Service

  • Category 5e, 6, 6A Certified

  • Fiber Optic Installation and Termination

  • Data Rack and Cabinet Installation

  • Design and Specification Services

  • BICSI Member

Card Access and Electronic Locks


  • Prox Card and Key Fob Systems

  • Access Reporting Software

  • Easy to Use Scheduling Software

  • Customer Level Administration. No need for monthly contracts

  • Camera Integration

  • Local and Cloud based systems

  • Gate Controller Integration

  • Database Conversion

High Definition Security Cameras
  • Super Wide angle, 360 and 180 Degree Options

  • Simple to Use Recorders

  • Network Based as well as Legacy Coax cabling supported

  • Mobile Viewing from your Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet

  • Easy to Export Video Clips

  • Hardwired and Wireless Options

  • Monitor your business from any Internet connection

  • Cameras that have been tested and will last in our environment. Not like the big box store packages

Hosted Business Phone Systems
  • Internet Based Phone Systems. 

  • No expensive hardware to purchase

  • Replaces expensive phone service

  • Mobility options allow you to get calls anywhere

  • Easy to manage interface

  • Installation and service backed by Veracity and Red Mountain

  • Multiple levels of features available.

  • Connect your offices anywhere you have an Internet connection